Frequently Asked Questions


Currently we're not accrediting any new Occupational Health Service Providers whilst we review our proposition offering. Please check our website in the future for updates.


What is Constructing Better Health (CBH)?

Constructing Better Health (CBH) is a not-for-profit scheme dedicated to improving the standard of occupational health management in the construction industry.

We work with the industry to help develop more efficient and user-friendly work-related health management in construction. 

What do we do?

Our scheme is holistic with the aim of bringing together construction companies and occupational health service providers (OHSPS).

We accredit OHSPs to carry out health checks for our contractor members and provide additional occupational health support. 

How does the scheme work?

Upon joining you’ll be given access to our OH system. This is where you can upload the results of the health check for each worker so that the contractor member is able to know if their workers are fit for tasks.

Don’t worry, the system is easy to use and full training is given as part of your membership.

Once the worker(s) have had their health checks, a card is issued for each worker to identify them as part of the scheme.

What are the costs involved in registration with CBH?

The annual costs are below:

Accreditation fees
Annual turnover Annual charge (exc. VAT)
<£50k £275
£50k - £100k £500
£100k - £500k £850
£500k - £1m £1,200
£1m - £5m £2,400
>£5m £3,800

Does the cost of contractor membership or OHSP accreditation include the cost of health checks?

No, membership does not include the costs of health checks. You will need to agree these separate cost with the CBH contractor member.

Prices should be agreed between you as the OHSP and the contractor before any health checks are carried out, to avoid any confusion.

We are an occupational health company but only carry out drug and alcohol testing, can we still apply for membership?

Unfortunately you cannot join just as a Drug and Alcohol Testing Provider. To be accredited by CBH, you will need to provide other OHSP services.

How do I apply?

You can find copies of all our application forms here.

If you are an OHSP then you’ll need to complete an accreditation form.

If you are already an existing OHSP member, we will contact you prior to your expiry date, giving you plenty of time to renew your membership with us.

What proof will I have that I an accredited OHSP?

As an accredited OHSP, you will receive a certificate to confirm membership. You will also have access to our online occupational health management system.