Occupational Health Service Providers (OHSPs)


Currently we're not accrediting any new Occupational Health Service Providers whilst we review our proposition offering. Please check our website in the future for updates.


OHSP Accreditation:

  • Gateway to the construction industry
  • Access to professional advice and resources
  • Access to research / reports
  • Access to discounted training courses for CPD
  • Access to on-line best practice & management tools
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to previous health data for monitoring
  • Access to registered independent OHA's for additional resource
  • Use of a CBH registration mark on all company literature
  • Input to future strategy for OH in construction
  • Web-links / advertising products & services


The CBH National Scheme is for all construction companies. Whether they are self-employed, a small or medium-sized business or a major, the health of their entire workforce is of paramount importance.

To improve the health of the construction industry workforce, CBH works with OH service providers (OHSPs) to deliver a consistent and coordinated approach to the management of OH services.

Download the CBH OHSP Guide.

CBH Accreditation Fees

The annual cost of registration with CBH is:

       Annual Turnover                      Annual Charge (ex VAT)              
<£50k £275 plus VAT
£50 - £100k £500 plus VAT
£100 - £500k £850 plus VAT
£500k - £1m £1,200 plus VAT
£1m - £5m £2,400 plus VAT
>£5million £3,800 plus VAT

This includes an administration fee of £50.00 plus VAT, payable on application.

If however you are an in-house provider / resource please contact CBH directly