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Your new Report Dashboard is here - go explore!


Your new CHAT Report Dashboard is here, why not log into CHAT and take a look.

What the Report Dashboard offers:

  • An easier way to view information about your company including interactive graphs and charts.
  • View information for divisions and sites (if you have user permissions).
  • Check the fitness outcomes and health assessment status of your workforce at a glance.
  • Search for data on a specific date or period.
  • Download reports as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet at the click of a button.

How to access the Report Dashboard:

  1. Log into CHAT >>
  2. Go to the 'reports' tab
  3. Click on Report Dashboard - and take a look around!

Remember - Spring clean your CHAT

You may find that the Report Dashboard shows areas of your company's account that need tidying up. See our following quick tips guide that will help you to improve the data held for your company.

It'll make it easier to see exactly how the occupational health of your workforce is being managed and where it can be improved.

Quick tips:

  • Check administrators - Does everyone that needs access to CHAT have login details?

Go to the 'my company' tab to manage the CHAT users for your company. On this screen you can check who from your company has CHAT user access. You can also add new users for your company, or certani division and/or sites, as well as Fit For Task users to have access to Check a Card.

  • Check user permissions

Click on 'permissions administrators' on the top right of CHAT to see who in your company can manage your permission settings. If you're the primary user, you can also set permission levels for other users here.

  • Approved OHSPs - are they confirmed and up to date?

Go to the 'my company' tab > 'Manager OHSPs and Health Assessment Requests' > 'Approve OHSPs'. Contractors can approve their current OHSP, as well as remove OHSPs they no longer use.

  • Check your workers are up to date - Are any workers no longer with your company?

You can archive workers by entering an end date to their employment status in the worker's profile. Go to the 'employees' tab to find a worker and open their profile.

  • Check division and sites - Have the administrator, workers and site hazards been assigned?

You can keep this information up to date by clicking on the 'divisions' or 'sites' tabs.

Log into CHAT >>

If you need any help with CHAT, get in touch with our team: 

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