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Top tip for preventing skin problems


Use the APC approach to reduce the risk and prevent skin problems

Avoid direct contact between unprotected hands and substances, products and wet work where this is sensible and practical, for instance:
• Get rid of the substance/product/wet work altogether
• Substitute the product/substance for something less harmful
• Introduce controls (such as tools or equipment) to keep a safe working distance between skin and substances/products/wet work

Protect the skin. Avoiding contact will not always be possible so:
• Wear suitable personal protective equipment such as gloves
• Wash your hands before eating and drinking, and before wearing gloves
• Wash any contamination from your skin immediately
• Use soft cotton or disposable paper towels for drying your skin and dry thoroughly
• Protect the skin by moisturising as often as possible and particularly at the end of the day – this replaces the natural oils that help keep the skin’s protective barrier working properly
• Use suitable pre-work creams

Check hands regularly for the first signs of itchy, dry or red skin:
• It is easier to treat skin problems if they are spotted early and can be prevented from getting worse.
• Seek advice from a medical practitioner if you suspect that you may have skin problems.


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