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Health and safety specialists, Carney Consultancy and Northern Counties Safety Group (NCSG) are helping their clients to recognise the benefits of a healthy workforce by becoming affiliate members of the Constructing Better Health (CBH) scheme

Through affiliate membership of CBH, Carney Consultancy and NCSG have access to an online knowledge portal and helpline, providing impartial advice and support on all occupational health matters. Both companies are working with their members to encourage them to take a proactive approach to the management of work-related health.

Angela Carney, managing director of Carney Consultancy, said: “We became involved with CBH following a presentation by their chief executive, Michelle Aldous at a Constructing Excellence seminar. I then asked Michelle to make a presentation to our clients and the feedback from them was extremely positive. Compared to safety, health has not been given the voice it deserves, but through the work of organisations like CBH this is changing.”

Craig Penketh, operations director of NCSG also believes that health is starting to be given equal priority to safety. “Those companies who put in place good health surveillance and management systems now will have a clear advantage over their competitors. Not only will employees benefit from improved work-related health, but employers will profit from increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.”

By signing up to CBH, contractors of all sizes can access the Construction Health Action Toolkit (CHAT) which allows them to upload personnel information for all their direct employees. This software then compares the employee’s job title with a health assessment matrix to determine an action plan for subsequent health checks.

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