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Shield Environmental invests in employees health by signing up to CBH


Shield Environmental, one of the UK’s largest asbestos removal contractors, has signed up to Constructing Better Health (CBH). They are collaborating with CBH to identify any work related health issues with their staff at an early stage so they can implement changes to protect their health and ensure that they are ‘Fit for task’.

David Wilson, Health & Safety Manager for Shield Environmental said, “As a Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor who employs safety critical workers, Safety and Health are top priorities, and rightly so if we are to maintain a healthy workforce and business.”
CBH is currently setting up training on the use of CHAT (Construction Health Action Toolkit) for Shield Environmental and providing impartial advice on contracting with an accredited Occupational Health provider. The CBH CHAT database and software package will enable the company to demonstrate that they are managing the occupational health of every worker at site level. This has a possible outreach to over 120 Shield Environmental workers UK wide.

Mr Wilson continues: “In the construction industry we talk a great deal about ‘Health and Safety’ but never really give the ‘health’ part much notice. Health and Safety very much go hand in hand and the CBH scheme improves the well being of all persons who work in construction. I would recommend joining CBH to any employer not just construction companies. ”

Michelle Aldous, Chief executive of Constructing Better Health, said: “Shield Environmental has such a high safety critical work remit and working with us at CBH is a sure way to limit, if not eliminate, unnecessary health risks for their workers.”

Retail giant, ASDA has signed up to the Constructing Better Health Client Charter to encourage a sound occupational health culture in their company’s retail development programme. The agreement was finalised in early May 2010.

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