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Sainsbury’s is first UK food retailer to adopt national health standards for construction workforce


Sainsburys Construction WorkforceA total of 50 Sainsbury's refurbishment and development sites across the UK will be involved in a programme of health surveillance checks and raising awareness of work-related health issues for construction personnel.

Michelle Aldous, Chief Executive Officer at CBH, said: "Sainsbury's has been the first employer to recognise the importance of these national standards and this programme represents a very significant step forward, not just for the retailer but also the industry as a whole because it is being applied across the whole of the construction supply chain."

Occupational health service providers will be located at each site for four days providing information, advice and checks to raise awareness about work-related health issues. The health surveillance checks can cover hand-arm vibration syndrome, noise-induced hearing loss, respiratory diseases and musculoskeletal disorders such as lower back pain or repetitive strain injuries.

Richard Rust, Sainsbury's Head of Delivery and Construction said: "At Sainsbury's the health and safety of our colleagues is of paramount importance. In the construction industry there has been a real focus over recent years on improving site safety. Health issues are not always so visible but can have the same devastating impact."

"The Constructing Better Health programme aims to put the health back into health and safety and we are delighted to be working with Constructing Better Health exclusively to ensure that Sainsbury's continues to be a great place to work for colleagues and contractors alike."

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