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Sainsbury’s in good form for national health surveillance programme


With a year-long occupational health programme across 50 sites in the UK, Sainsbury’s is showing a good picture of health in its initiative to improve the occupational health of its construction supply chain.

A mid-way report, from Constructing Better Health (CBH), has identified impressive results. Over two thirds of safety critical workers (those for whom ill health may compromise their ability to undertake a task, such as a mobile plant operator) were identified as being fully fit to carry out their tasks without any restrictions. For those that did have additional needs, Sainsbury’s has been quick to provide the appropriate support, with guidance from CBH and its accredited occupational health providers, to enable those individuals to continue working safely.

This is good news for Sainsbury’s, a major client in the procurement of the construction supply chain and committed to the long-term improvement of the health and safety of both its own employees and those associated with the Sainsbury’s brand.

Richard Rust, Sainsbury’s Head of Construction and Delivery said: “This programme from CBH is just one element of our continuous drive to make improvements in health and safety and the working environment of our construction supply chain workforce. We are pleased to have undertaken this particular initiative as it has proved to be very helpful for our contractors; and the report’s findings have given us the opportunity to further focus on specific areas of work-related health issues.”

Over 1,000 employees have taken part in the programme which examines work-related issues such as hand-arm vibration syndrome, noise-induced hearing loss and musculoskeletal disorders such as lower back pain or repetitive strain injuries.

This commitment to health and safety places Sainsbury’s at the leading edge of the Government’s current Health, Work and Wellbeing strategy. Michelle Aldous, Chief Executive Officer at CBH said: “Clearly, the results of the programme are very positive and it is encouraging that Sainsbury’s and its construction supply chain are working towards the longer term improvement of the management of occupational health and safety risks. Our role is to continue to provide practical short- and long-term recommendations to help them achieve this.” 

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