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Occupational health lifeline for construction employers as CBH launches the National Construction Adviceline


On 3rd September, Constructing Better Health (CBH) launched its latest occupational health resource for employers – the National Construction Adviceline in partnership with the Health for Work Adviceline.

Michelle Aldous, CEO of CBH says “Once again, CBH reinforces its commitment to growing a secure occupational health culture in construction. We have taken the next logical step by providing the National Construction Adviceline as a gateway to expertise.  CBH has made it a priority to work closely with Health for Work for over a year to ensure that we could achieve this free service for CBH members. Thanks to Health for Work, we have attained our goal.“

Employers can call the National Construction Adviceline for free on 0345 873 7726 in order to get advice on:
• getting an employee back to work after long-term sickness;
• managing the impact on their business of an employee taking time off work due to ill health;
• supporting an employee and benefiting from their abilities if they are at work with health issues;
• encouraging and supporting an employee who is off work yet wants to return and contribute to their business;
• developing a working culture where illness is less likely to occur. Share with a friend

The National Construction Adviceline uses the same interface as the Health for Work Adviceline. This allows CBH to offer the same package of employer and employee
health-related services to its construction industry members, for free. Depending on CBH members’ needs, different levels of service may be offered, including one to one case management by a construction industry expert on occupational health together with the facility to post a question or engage in on-line live chat with an advisor. Construction industry guides and documentation have  been uploaded to the on-line knowledge base which is accessible via the CBH website,

Keith Johnston, CEO, Health for Work comments, “ The launch of the National Construction Adviceline illustrates the kind of sector focused dedication to occupational health we need to nurture in the U.K. We hope that this collaboration between Health for Work and CBH leads the way.”

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