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Notification of New OHSP Fee Structure – Effective 9th April 2012


Constructing Better Health, the not for profit scheme for management of workplace health in construction, has not applied any increase to its fee structure since its launch in 2007. During this period CBH has developed and delivered the industry scheme and has recently launched a new package of revised industry standards and health assessment matrix. Throughout this time CBH has received a subsidy from CSCS to enable the roll out and build up of membership into the scheme. This support has now ceased and we have to now apply a change in our fee scale to reflect this.

In line with our terms and conditions, Term 7f, CBH are providing one month’s notice of the changes to fees. From 9th April 2012, Term 7a is amended for all new membership applications and renewals and the following fee scale shall apply:

Term 7a
In consideration of your receiving the Services, you agree to pay CBH in return for your Registration, within 14 days of your Registration being notified to you by CBH, or within 14 days every anniversary thereafter, the fees applicable to you as follows:

OHSP Fees - Effective 9th April 2012
Annual Turnover Annual Charge (excl VAT)
<£50k £275
£50k - £100k £500
£100k - £500k £850
£500k - £1m £1,200
£1m - £5m £2,400
>£5m £3,800

Term 7b
From 9 April 2012 Term 7b is deleted in total.

By way of explanation and to simplify costs, the fee scale has been changed to reflect organisation turnover. In addition on 9th April 2012, Term 7a of the terms and conditions is amended; the additional fee for OHSP’s registering more than one clinic/centre has been removed. Term 7b, the £2 per data upload fee - is deleted from the terms and conditions.

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