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New CBH website launches with shop


Constructing Better Health (CBH) has launched its new website, providing occupational health advice and information to the construction industry. The website has been redesigned to be more informative, engaging and easier to use.

The new website has dedicated areas to support each of CBH’s member groups. The revamped members’ area for contractors now offers access to a full membership pack, providing a range of information including occupational health surveillance advice, industry standard guidelines, help on choosing an occupational health service provider, how to partner with CBH, and guides on the CBH national database and card scheme.

Michelle Aldous, chief executive of CBH, said: “For any contractor who is committed to improving the occupational health standards within their organisation, the new CBH website is a valuable complement, offering a wealth of information and guidance. We have taken great care to create it from the viewpoint of the user to be a valid and functional tool.”

The new website also features a secure online shop where users can purchase guides, packs and posters relating to the CBH national scheme and occupational health initiatives. Scheme members benefit from a substantial discount.

For anyone interested in learning more about the scheme, users can now request a call back or a meeting with CBH to discuss membership benefits through the website.

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