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McGee Group supports their employees’ health by signing up to CBH


Engineering, Demolition and Concrete Frame Specialist, McGee Group has signed up to Constructing Better Health to help formulate an effective occupational health policy for their company.

McGee, established for over 50 years, has a sizeable workforce comprised of 320 permanent and 250 subcontracted staff. It is estimated that 80% of these combined employees will directly benefit from being involved with the CBH scheme.

John Hennessy, Director head of Safety, Health and Environmental Services at McGee says: “While membership of CBH is a contractual requirement of Crossrail, one of our major clients,  we have long been trying to resource an organisation to  provide us with tools to assist in developing a comprehensive occupational health policy for our company. We also sought an efficient database to monitor employees’ health records, especially those involved in safety critical tasks. CBH provides those expert resources and is best placed in serving our occupational health needs with impartial support.”

McGee’s occupational health agenda is firmly rooted in a desire to increase employee satisfaction by cultivating a healthy and reliable workforce. As part of the company’s Behavioural Safety Programme, joining CBH and introducing registration cards McGee seeks to earn employees’ support.

Michelle Aldus, CEO of CBH says, “McGee represents a growing realisation in the industry that the employee satisfaction, health and productivity are inextricably linked. They are evidently dedicated to growing a new company health culture and through collaboration with CBH I have no doubt that they will achieve it.”

John Hennessy concludes, “By continuously raising the profile of Occupational Health it protects our employees’ health, allows early detection of any adverse health effects, reduces absenteeism, assists in the evaluation of control measures and provides us with information which can be used for recognising hazards and assessing risks. We’re sending the message that we are a caring company that people will want to invest their career in.”

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