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J. Murphy & Sons Limited, safeguards their workers’ health by signing up to Constructing Better Health


J. Murphy & Sons Limited, one of the largest privately owned Construction companies in the UK, has signed up to Constructing Better Health (CBH) in order to further improve standards of Occupational Health (OH) for its workforce.

Their health and safety team signed up to CBH while working on Crossrail, currently Europe’s largest construction project. Crossrail also supports the CBH scheme to ensure that all its staff and partnering contractors remain at the forefront of health and safety and occupational health standards in the construction industry.

Michelle Aldous, Chief executive of Constructing Better Health says “Having J. Murphy & Sons sign up to CBH is helping to build the momentum of raised awareness. The potential outreach to its substantial workforce will surely encourage similar engineering companies to follow suit.”

Jackie Brennan Group HSQE Manager says, “We signed up to the CBH National Occupational Health database and card scheme to benefit our workers and demonstrate our commitment to work related health and wellbeing. Through the adoption of CBH standards and the implementation of Crossrail’s own occupational health standard we are targeting frontline personnel across the whole company to ensure they are fit for work and fit for life.”

As part of its membership, Murphy are using the CBH CHAT (Construction Health Action Toolkit) which will demonstrate that the company is managing the work related health of its workforce at office and site level. The health and safety team is fully aware that this plays a key role in identifying and controlling health risks.

Jackie Brennan Group HSQE Manager concludes, “By achieving best practices in the provision of occupational health solutions, we can help to make the construction industry healthier and more prosperous. Construction is a high risk industry and J. Murphy & Sons believes it is vital to place occupational health and safety as our number one priority. Our aim is to promote a Zero Accident Culture and occupational health plays a major part in achieving this.”


People from L-R

Cheryl Toms, Membership Scheme Co-ordinator – CBH; Anthony Moten, Group Health & Safety Manager – Murphy; Peter Hand, Operations Director – CBH;
Caroline Burke, Occupational Health & Safety Advisor - Murphy;
James O Callaghan, Director – Murphy; Jackie Brennan, HSQE Manager - Murphy 


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