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Healthcare Connections, holds the UK's largest independent stockpile of antiviral medication


So far, more than 85 companies, including The Daily Mail and HSBC, have signed up staff for awareness on the flu, with many actually registering to buy and stockpile swine flu anti-viral medication Tamiflu.

"We've had an unprecedented number of calls from the corporate sector in the past 24 hours," says Alison Brown, CEO of Healthcare Connections. "Many want medication on premises. Corporate risk managers will have had pandemic plans in their organisations for many years, and now these are kicking into action."

In total, more than 480,000 staff across a range of sectors, including construction, finance and banking, are being sent communication packs by Healthcare Connections, which inform staff about how flu-like viruses spread.

"We're in a raised state of alert," says Brown. "Employees want to feel reassured that their companies are looking after them."


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