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Erith Contractors fighting fit with Constructing Better Health


Demolition specialists, Erith Contractors is tackling the issue of work related ill health head on by signing up to the Constructing Better Health (CBH) scheme which provides members with impartial advice, information and software to help with the management of employee work related health data and fitness for task outcomes.

Stuart Accleton, associate director for health and safety at Erith Contractors, said: “Commitment to health and safety forms the core ethos of our company and is something all our employees are actively involved in. The CBH scheme provides us with a comprehensive system for managing the work related health of our employees, ensuring that neither they nor members of the public are put at risk. Signing up to CBH is an important step in helping us to achieve our objective of ‘better than best working practice.’

By signing up to CBH, Erith can access the Construction Health Action Toolkit (CHAT) which allows them to upload personnel information for all their direct employees. This software then compares the employee’s job title with a health assessment matrix to determine an action plan for subsequent health checks. Employees are issued with a CBH card and unique registration number, which employers may then use to access the individual’s fitness-for-task outcome.

Michelle Aldous, chief executive of Constructing Better Health, said: “Companies like Erith Contractors are stealing a march on their competitors by taking the health of their workforce very seriously. Better health surveillance and management systems not only benefit employees, but they also demonstrate to clients that work-related health is a top priority. This is something that many clients are telling us is crucial to the contracts they are issuing.”

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