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Dudley's first to sign up to CBH membership


Dudley & Sons Ltd is the first construction company to sign up to the Constructing Better Health (CBH), employer member scheme.

Adrian Cecconi, Key Account Manager at Dudley’s said: “Our workforce is our most valuable asset and we aim to improve the quality of life working at our clients’ sites and safeguard our colleagues’ health to our utmost capability.”

Providing information, additional services and benefits, the CBH employer scheme aims to help those who are keen to implement occupational health best practice. As a member, an employer will have secure access to online training and toolkits as well as access to discounted transaction rates for the download of workers’ health outcomes to the CBH health card.

Michelle Aldous said: “The need for a membership scheme was highlighted during our consultation with industry when it became apparent there is a wealth of information regarding safety, but where work-related health is concerned it is perhaps not as easy to find. This scheme makes it easier for employers to access advice, information and training to implement occupational health best practice.”

Dudley’s believes that the CBH employer membership scheme will help them drive improvements in health and safety, with significant opportunities to improve the health and well-being of the workforce.

Other benefits of the Employer Membership Scheme include:

  • Access to online professional advice and support for OH related issues
  • Access to online training for workforce and site management
  • Online best practice and management tools including toolbox talks
  • Priority booking for training and networking events and conferences
  • Access to registered independent Occupational Health Service Providers (OHSPs)
  • Use of a CBH member mark on all company literature
  • Input to future strategy for OH in construction
  • Web-links/advertising products and services
  • Access to discounts for all other CBH services e.g. training/resources
  • Demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility and other legislative requirements

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