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Crossrail's commitment to Occupational Health demonstrated as it signs Constructing Better Health Charter


Andy Mitchell, Programme Director, Crossrail (left) receives Corporate
Membership Certificate from Michelle Aldous, Chief Executive, CBH

Crossrail today committed to implementing the occupational health standard of Constructing Better Health (CBH), the UK-wide scheme for the management of occupational health in the construction industry.

As Europe’s largest construction project, Crossrail puts health and safety and wellbeing at the heart of the organisation’s culture. Crossrail’s support for the Constructing Better Health scheme will ensure that Crossrail remains at the forefront of health and safety and occupational health standards in the construction industry. Constructing Better Health will also help Crossrail implement a continuous improvement programme.

An estimated 2.5 million working days were lost in the UK during 2008/09 as a result of work related ill health. These figures demonstrate that the construction industry must take action to protect the health of its workers.

All contractors working for Crossrail Limited will be required to sign up and implement the CBH standards, which will help to protect the health and wellbeing of construction workers involved in the delivery of Crossrail.

Andy Mitchell, Programme Director, Crossrail said: “From the beginning Crossrail has adopted a zero accident health and safety philosophy and ensured that health and safety values are embedded at every level. Too often it is wrongly assumed that health and safety only applies on construction sites but decisions taken at the project design stage can also have a determining impact.

“Protecting the health of construction workers is of critical importance to Crossrail and occupational health has a key role to play in identifying and controlling health risks.

Through the adoption of Constructing Better Health standards and the implementation of Crossrail’s own occupational health standard we are targeting frontline personnel to ensure they are fit for work and fit for life.”

Michelle Aldous, Chief Executive, Constructing Better Health said: “Up to 14,000 people are expected to be employed by Crossrail at its peak, with thousands more during the programme as a whole. The scale of Crossrail provides a unique opportunity to implement a step-change in occupational health for construction workers. Crossrail’s commitment to the Constructing Better Health Charter will have a far reaching impact on the industry as all Crossrail contractors will also be required to implement the CBH standards.”

The Constructing Better Heath external standard will be used by Crossrail’s auditing teams and project managers to ensure the correct occupational health standards are being maintained throughout the programme.

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