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Constructing Better Health welcomes launch of FOM standards and accreditation for OHSPs


Constructing Better Health (CBH), the not for profit not-for-profit organisation set up to improve the health of the construction industry workforce, has welcomed the launch of new cross-industry standards for occupational health service providers (OHSPs) from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM).

According to Michelle Aldous, chief executive of CBH, the launch is evidence of the increasing focus on addressing health issues in the workplace: “The construction industry is particularly vulnerable to work-related ill health, with the Institute for Employment Studies stating that one-third of construction workers have occupational health issues.

“Constructing Better Health (CBH) was created to address this very issue and has launched occupational health standards and an accreditation scheme for construction firms as well as OHSPs.“

CBH worked with FOM on the development of its new cross-industry standards. The CBH standards support the FOM standards by covering the risks and hazards specific to the construction industry.

Michelle Aldous said: “OHSP accreditation with CBH ensures a consistent and coordinated approach to work related health risk management in the construction industry. It is also an effective way for an employer can demonstrate to primary contractors and clients that their workforce is fit for task (FFT). This is particularly relevant to those undertaking safety critical roles, as site management has access to FFT outcomes via either the CSCS or CBH card scheme.”


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