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Constructing Better Health receives £120k of Department of Health Funding


CBH has today been awarded up to £120,000 from the Department of Health’s Innovation, Excellence and Service Development Fund. This money will be used to support CBH’s innovative project to further develop the Construction Industry National Database and Management Toolkit.

Building a strong voluntary sector is key to delivering NHS reforms and at the centre of our vision for the Big Society. Our plans to modernise the NHS will create huge opportunities for the voluntary sector in the NHS and social care services and we want to make sure they have the capacity to take advantage of this.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said; “I’m pleased to be able to announce that the Department of Health will be supporting Constructing Better Health. We want voluntary sector projects like this to play an increasingly important role in health and social care services so we must make sure they have the support and funding to take advantage of this opportunity.”

“CBH will make a big difference to the local community in the UK Construction Sector and I would like to thank all those involved for their hard work in getting this project off the ground.”

This year the Department of Health will continue to invest in the Voluntary Sector Investment Fund to a value of £18.13 million including £3.346million for new awards under the 2011-12 Innovation, Excellence and Service Development Fund which will support 57 projects around the country. One of the key aims of this fund is to support the development of sustainable capacity in the voluntary sector.

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