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Clancy Dowcra first major utilities-led contractor to sign up to CBH

Clancy Dowcra, one of the UK’s leading construction companies, has signed up to the Constructing Better Health (CBH) national occupational health database and card scheme to benefit their 1200 strong construction workforce.
The CBH card scheme whichwill work in conjunction with, and as part of, Clancy Dowcra’s  Health and Safety management policy and strategy. By registering their workers, Clancy Dowcra wants to provide clarity to the fit-for-task status of existing employees and hopefully encourage others to join the CBH scheme by example.
Jane Confrey, the Deputy Health and Safety Manager for Clancy Dowcra first heard about CBH through CECA (Civil Engineering Contractors Association) and was immediately supportive of the CBH concept as a viable leader and innovator in Heath & Safety management. She says: “We believe that it is extremely important to safeguard the health of an ageing workforce. It also demonstrates to younger workers thinking about entering construction, that their employers will take their work-related health concerns seriously.”
 Michelle Aldous, CEO  of CBH fully supports the new CBH members, saying: “Having Clancy Dowcra on board is a real milestone as they are the first leading utilities driven construction company to join CBH. They are demonstrating a clear leadership and long term investment in worker value based on health and ability - a clear and positive message for the industry.”

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