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CBH releases updated Industry Standards package


CBH, following a consultation period has revised and updated their Industry Standards and Issue 2 has been published.  Along with it, an updated version of the Health Assessment Matrix and Version 2 of the Construction Health Action Toolkit (CHAT) are also released.

Originally published in 2008, the Standards have now been restructured by amalgamating Parts 1 and 2. More significantly, there are important updates regarding current legislation and useful additions reflecting user feedback over the last four years, such as training, health risk assessment and overall health provision on sites.

Among its changes, the new issue of the Industry Standards addresses provisions in the Equality Act and Mental Capacity Act. There are sections regarding fit notes, Reporting Injury and the Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR).

The Health Assessment Matrix has also been revamped, now utilising a traffic light system for prioritising health checks for ‘at a glance’ must do, should do and could do health checks. The matrix incorporates 9 new job roles including Geotechnical, Divers, Concrete Sprayers also the list of  hazards has been extended by 4 new categories.

CBH’s popular OH management resource, CHAT, has been overhauled into a more user- friendly tool. CHAT V2 comprises more user authority controls and improved access to training modules, including Occupational Health Tool Box Talks amongst other features. Companies can now load their own Tool Box Talks onto the CHAT system to include them in their OH management programmes. Overall CHAT V2 is easier to navigate, create employee plans and OHSP referrals, compile data and safeguard user control.

CBH members will automatically be issued a hard copy of the revised Industry Standards and Matrix.  You can access a printable pdf version in the members’ area on the CBH website, 

Read only pdf copies are available to download on the CBH website (CBH publications).

Alternatively hard copies may be bought from the CBH shop (CBH Shop ), Remember CBH members benefit from a 30% discount on published prices.

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