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CBH and CSCS join forces


Constructing Better Health (CBH) and the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) have merged to add further value to the CSCS Scheme and to support the needs of the construction industry for the management of proof of competency and work-related health.


Brian Adams, chief executive of CSCS comments:


“CSCS’ dual aims are to increase competency of the workforce and improve its health and safety. Working with CBH will enable the scheme significantly to broaden the scope of these objectives.”


Michelle Aldous, chief executive officer of CBH, says:


“This is a very natural fit of two organisations. CBH fills an obvious gap, having set the industry standards for occupational health in construction and providing information, education and impartial advice. For contractors it is crucial that they can demonstrate that their workforce not only has the right skills and qualifications, but is also able to carry out their work without it affecting their health, or the health and safety of others.”

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