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CBH Construction Occupational Health Manual

This Manual for the UK construction industry is targeted at both the construction industry employers, and occupational health service providers to construction employers. The aim of the Standards is to cover workers not only in the safety-critical and increased risk workers category, but across the board.

The Manual provides a benchmark for companies to measure themselves against to develop effective occupational health programmes.

The manual comes in a ring binder to enable it to be updated when necessary.

Michelle Aldous, chief executive of CBH, says: "The CBH Standards are key parts of the national scheme and address the need for baselines against which the industry can check, monitor and improve the health of the construction workforce. The CBH Standards are intended to empower employers with the knowledge to meet legislative and non-legislative requirements”

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Updates will cost £25 each and will be supplied as and when. A subscription form will be supplied with the manual.


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