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Bob Blackman officially appointed as CBH Chairman


Constructing Better Health (CBH)  is pleased to announce the official appointment of Bob Blackman as their new Board Chairman.

Michelle Aldous, CEO of CBH comments “Bob Blackman contributes his extensive Trade Union experience in the construction industry. For CBH, this is an asset for our role as occupational health champions. We are changing employer behaviours and enhancing working culture for employees and his insight will be invaluable.”

Bob’s trade union career began with his appointment as the National Secretary of the Transport & General Workers Union – Building, Construction & Civil Engineering in 1988.

His current posts include Trade Union Side Chairman of the Construction Industry Joint Council, Trade Union Secretary of the Building and Allied Trades Joint Industrial Council  (Federation of Master Builders), Trade Union Secretary of Demolition Contractors Federation and Trade Union Secretary of Federation of Fencing Contractors.  He is also a Member of the Construction Industry Training Board.

Bob Blackman succeeds Trevor Walker as CBH Board Chairman.

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