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BAM Nuttall signs up to CBH for OH accreditation


Civil engineering company, BAM Nuttall has signed up to Constructing Better Health (CBH) demonstrating their commitment to work related health and well being. They are collaborating with CBH to gain accreditation for their occupational health (OH) service providers and better manage OH fit-for-task data for their construction workforce via the CBH national database and card scheme.

With their own occupational health scheme becoming more established, BAM Nuttall sought further ways in which to meet the industry standards. Aware that CBH provides expert and impartial support to maximise the best service from OH providers and management of work related medical conditions, BAM Nuttall considered CBH corporate membership to be the way forward.

Jane Rostant, HR Manager for BAM Nuttall: “the construction industry needs support to introduce an occupational health scheme for everyone. This industry has a transient workforce and CBH offers a cost effective tool to ensure that our OH restrictions are available to the next employer which saves duplication of OH assessments. CBH also offers a good management tool covering our projects wherever they are based. By sharing our occupational health data we hope to identify industry trends and how these can be better managed.”

BAM Nuttall was particularly attracted to CHAT (Construction Health Action Toolkit), which will ensure they can demonstrate they are managing the work related health of every worker, including those of their supply chain, at site level.

Jane Rostant continues: “As a high risk industry we believe it is vital to place health and safety as our number one priority and our aim is for a Beyond Zero environment where no accidents occur. Occupational health plays a big part in this by measuring the effects of work on health, and if any issues are identified, making reasonable adjustments if possible.”

Michelle Aldous, CEO of CBH says. “As a Top 10 Civil Engineering Contractor with a strong reputation for a culture of health and safety in the construction industry, BAM
Nuttall, are a prime example of how the industry’s major players are beginning to understand the benefits CBH membership can deliver.

BAM Nuttall’s commitment to investing in their worker’s health, safety and well being is leading edge and is to be applauded in these tough economic times.”


 Jane Rostant, HR Manager, BAM Nuttall (right) receives Corporate
Membership Certificate from Michelle Aldous, Chief Executive, CBH

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