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AxisRDB signs up to Constructing Better Health


Construction and refurbishment specialists, AxisRDB has signed up to the Constructing Better Health (CBH) scheme, which provides members with information and software to help with the management of employee work related health data.

Through corporate membership of CBH, AxisRDB can access the Construction Health Action Toolkit (CHAT) which allows them to upload personnel information for all their direct employees. This software then compares the employee’s job title with a health assessment matrix to determine an action plan for subsequent health checks.

Richard Keeling, operations director of AxisRDB, said: “We have always considered health and safety in construction to be of paramount importance and have been searching for a solution to the problems and risks associated with employee and sub-contactor health and fitness.”

“The CBH CHAT database system and cards have given us that solution, and we can now be assured that we will not be endangering, both our own operatives and the public in general, by putting individuals to work on operations for which they are not fit to undertake. Occupational health has for far too long been overlooked or disregarded in respect of construction HSEQ policies and on site generally, but now with the CBH scheme we can all look forward to a safer and healthier future for the industry.”

As a member of the scheme, AxisRDB’s employees will be able to carry a CBH health card which identifies them to site managers as having completed ‘fitness for task’ assessments and relevant health checks.

Michelle Aldous, chief executive of Constructing Better Health, said: “By joining the CBH scheme, AxisRDB is taking the initiative and tackling work related ill health head on. Better health surveillance and management systems not only benefit employees, but also enable employers to enjoy reduced absenteeism and retain more experienced workers. This is vital in an industry facing a general skills and staff shortage.”

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