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Atomic Weapons Establishment joins CBH scheme for worker health protection


The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) is the newest client to join Constructing Better Health in order to improve Occupational Health (OH) within its organisation. AWE builds and maintains warheads for the UK’s nuclear deterrent, Trident.

AWE undertakes a substantial construction programme as part of its role, and the health of its construction staff is a high priority in the company. Sean Ryan, Head of Construction Environment, Safety and Health at AWE says: “This is a chance to enhance our already strong occupational health (OH) infrastructure by aligning ourselves to a national standard. We are aware of CBH’s reputation in this regard and felt it was the right time to involve ourselves with them to achieve even higher OH benefits for our workers.”

AWE collaborates with key UK construction contractors such as BAM Nuttall and Kier, who are already signatories to CBH. This year AWE plans to update awareness of OH issues, continue to improve on the health service already offered on site, and give workers access to lifestyle screening if they so wish.

Sean Ryan continues, “In general terms health management in construction has lagged behind the management of safety and the environment. Often misunderstood, health is a difficult and complex subject to tackle. As environment, safety and health (ESH) professionals and managers, we must assign a greater amount of effort and time to the proactive health management of our workforce. Our legacy will be the continued good health of our workforce. My vision is to raise the profile of health on all of our construction sites. We will be working in partnership with our contractors to ensure that our personnel benefit from effective health arrangements on site.”

Michelle Aldous, Chief executive of Constructing Better Health, said: “Having AWE on board illustrates how far the construction industry has moved forward in raising the profile of workplace health through its foresight to implement a national scheme, Constructing Better Health, to address this issue. The improvement in worker health doesn’t just have economic connotations, but reinforces Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within company culture which brings value in securing their position as a leading edge organisation. ”

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