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ASDA signs up to Constructing Better Health


Clive Johnson, Health & Safety Manager, ASDA (left) receives Corporate Membership Certificate from Peter Hand, Sales & Marketing Director, CBH.

Retail giant, ASDA has signed up to the Constructing Better Health Client Charter to encourage a sound occupational health culture in their company’s retail development programme. The agreement was finalised in early May 2010.

Clive Johnson, Health and Safety Manager for ASDA said he was impressed by the scheme after speaking to CBH Chief Executive, Michelle Aldous. He said:

“CBH has developed in leaps and bounds in a short time. From a business and moral viewpoint, I believe collaborating with them is of huge benefit to ASDA. Through CBH we want to put guidelines and KPIs in place to ensure we are growing sound occupational health practices with our construction supply chain. We will be targeting safety critical workers in the first instance.”

ASDA has a working relationship with 12 principal contractors, many of which are major players in the construction industry. Clive Johnson, who has extensive experience in health and safety in the construction industry, knows only too well the risks that work-related ill health can pose to workers. His first step will be encouraging CBH membership and establishing an occupational health surveillance programme for their principal contractors and respective sub contractor supply chains.

Mr Johnson continues: “We want to ensure that our message is about safeguarding health and not threatening livelihoods. With help from CBH we want to provide a toolkit for healthy working practices, win the hearts and minds of contractors and not intimidate workers.”

The CHAT (Construction Health Action Toolkit) database and software package offered by CBH enables ASDA contractors to demonstrate that they are managing the occupational health of every worker at site level.

Michelle Aldous said: “Having ASDA on board with CBH just confirms the growing awareness that companies have about their corporate social responsibility. Having a healthy workforce is not just the right thing to do for your supply chain, it’s good business sense. We are delighted that they have signed up to our Client Charter”

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