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Constructing Better Health

Cheryl Toms speaks at SHAD 2012

CBH’s Cheryl Toms was invited back to speak the 2012 Safety and Health Awareness Day (SHAD) in Ipswich on 4th October.

Along with John Murphy of EBSG, who are affiliate members of CBH, Cheryl supported John’s talk on the safety aspects of noise, dust, vibration and manual handling highlighting the occupational health issues with these topics.  She covered the legislation requirements of carrying out occupational health risk assessments and health surveillance.  Various Control Regulations require risk assessments to be carried out if companies are exposing their workers to anything that potentially causes their ill health. Employers have a duty to carry out health surveillance to ensure that work activities are not causing any harm to their workers’ health.

This year's SHAD, at Trinity Park, marks the ninth in a line of successful annual gatherings, with 300 people attending the 2012 presentation.


Did you know?

If there is no national insurance number entered by the employer/contractor via the Constructing Health Action Toolkit (CHAT) then the person cannot be found on the OH side of the CBH database by Occupational Health.


CBH becomes a Corporate Member of Back Care Charity

CBH has become a corporate member of Back Care, a UK charity dedicated to reducing the burden of back pain through education and information. 

Dr Brian Hammond, Chairman of the Back Care charity says, “Through CBH we can reach the construction industry where back pain and injury are still commonplace. Over 30,000 new back injuries per year are recorded in the construction industry alone.  The cost of one 35 year old builder being disabled until retirement age, due to back pain or injury, is around 2.3 million Euros. This is the cost borne by society in terms of healthcare, rehabilitation, and family support.   

Injury and cost could be avoided with more care, education and diligence invested in worker health.” 

CBH is currently supporting Back Care’s ‘Builder Back Pain Campaign’ which was launched in October this year.  CBH has sponsored special posters for the charity focusing on builder’s back pain and injury which are available for free. 

For more information about the Back Care charity and their campaign, visit:


Did you know?

Changes to the vision standards for Group 1 and 2 drivers from DVLA start this year

Changes to the Group 1 and Group 2 driver licensing standards for vision were made in May 2012.

The changes mean that:

Group 1 (cars and motorcycles): applicants and licence holders, will need to have a visual acuity of 6/12 (0.5 decimal) as well as being able to read the number plate from the prescribed distance.

Visual field: the present standard of a total field width of 120 degrees remains but in addition, there will need to be a field of at least 50 degrees on each side.

Group 2 (buses and lorries): applicants and licence holders must have a visual acuity, using corrective lenses if necessary, of at least 6/7.5 (0.8 decimal) in the better eye and at least 6/12 (0.5 decimal) in the other eye. If corrective lenses are worn, an uncorrected acuity in each eye of at least 3/60 (0.05 decimal) is needed. All Group 2 drivers must also meet all the Group 1 visual acuity standards as outlined above. Where glasses are worn to meet the minimum standard for driving, they should have a corrective power of no more than plus eight (+8) dioptres.

The full standards are published in the 'At a Glance Guide' on the DVLA website:


Did you know?

Fees to be charged by HSE starting October 2012

The HSEs new cost recovery scheme, Fee for Intervention (FFI), came into force on 1st October. Under The Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012, those who break health and safety laws are liable for recovery of HSE’s related costs, including inspection, investigation and taking enforcement action. The Fee for Intervention hourly rate for 2012/13 is £124. The many businesses that comply with their legal obligations will continue to pay nothing. HSE will review how FFI is working after the first twelve months of operation, and within three years of the regime coming into effect. The review reports will be published on the HSE website. For more information, and guidance visit


New Members Roundup

·         Land Science Ltd

·         Chestnut Products Ltd

·         CET Safehouse Ltd

·         Chiltern Construction Contractors Ltd

·         Forest Environmental Ltd

·         PMC Soil Solutions Ltd

·         Geotechnical Observations Ltd

·         F Kelleher/Plant Hire Ltd