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Constructing Better Health

Revised CBH Consent Form

New consent forms and guidance are currently being issued to all occupational health service providers, please ensure all copies of previous form and guidance are discarded. These are effective immediately.

Current forms and guidance can be found by logging in to the accredited OHSP area of the CBH website.  Any queries please contact:


New Asbestos Regulations from 6th April 2012

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 set out a new health surveillance requirement every 3 years for non licensed asbestos work.  Implementation date - 2015:



New NICE Guidance

Latest NICE guidance published for hard to reach groups who have TB



OHSP Prosecution

An Occupational Health Service Provider has been prosecuted by the HSE in the southwest for failures in undertaking vibration health surveillance.



Olympic Village News

Report from the Olympic Village and the HSE shows the impact of OH intervention during the construction phase of building the Olympic Park.



Tennis Elbow

Research just published from the BMJ shows that cortisone injections for tennis elbow are not recommended, as most injuries recover without treatment within 12 months. (subscription required)


Mental Health Guidance

Assessing mental health from MIND gives current guidance for primary care nurses on assessing suicide risk and questionnaires for undertaking mental health assessments:



CBH Quiz

Here is a quick quiz based on the CBH Industry Standards (answers below):

1.  How frequently should you undertake a safety critical health check?

a. Every 2 years

b. Every 3 years

c. Every 5 years

d. Follow the Railway Standards

2. What are the CBH categories for 'fitness for work'?

a. 1,2,3,4

b. A,B,C,D


d. 1,2,3,4,5

3. A health record should be kept for 40 years - what is a health record?

a. All clinical records from the current job

b. All clinical records from all jobs in a lifetime

c. Health surveillance results of health checks with one employer

d. Results of all health checks from GP and employer combined

Answers: ( 1,b; 2,a; 3,c;)