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Constructing Better Health


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CBH - sponsors of the Construction News Awards and Constructing Excellence Awards 2014


CBH Scotland launches to improve work-related health in Scottish Construction

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On 6th May 2014, Constructing Better Health officially launched its new office, CBH Scotland. It makes its debut by fronting a new campaign to tackle ill-health among Scottish construction apprentices which could save the Scottish economy up to £30 million per year.

The campaign is being organised in conjunction with the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives and leading employers’ trade association the Scottish Building Federation (SBF). A key element of the new campaign is to introduce baseline health checks for all apprentices entering the industry.

This new health check initiative has been inspired by a recent survey written and carried out by CBH Scotland and the SBF which shows that only 27% of employers that engage apprentices provide them with a baseline health check when they join the company. This means many new recruits at risk or suffering from long-term health problems will go undetected and will not receive the occupational health support they need.

Michelle Aldous, CEO of CBH says: “Our new campaign will be instrumental in improving occupational health management in the Scottish construction industry. Figures suggest an annual 4% increase in employed apprentices over the next decade. Introducing mandatory health checks could benefit up to 14000 apprentices - saving lives, livelihoods and millions of pounds of losses due to work-related illness in Scottish construction. It’s a simple solution to help the industry thrive.”

To see further media coverage about CBH Scotland, visit the News section on the CBH website or our Linkedin page.


CHAT update

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A number of new updates have recently been added to CHAT V2 to improve its functionality:

New graphical reports
• The Health Assessment Dashboard displays information relating to the consents a member’s employees have given for their data to be held in the CHAT database.

The Responsible Person Report displays information about a member’s Responsible Person checks, if undertaken.

Site Supply Chain. A new site merge function has been implemented allowing members who have started managing a site in CHAT before formally being invited onto the site by a contractor, to merge 1 or more of their local sites into a main supply chain. This will facilitate members being able to manage their employees on a site at the earliest opportunity and merging their data into a site supply chain when convenient to do so.

Employee Occupational Health Action Plan. A new “Summary” row has been added to the action plan to help users understand what health checks an employee may need depending on which jobs/risks are assigned to them for a particular task. Also the Fitness Outcome tab has been reintroduced which gives more detail on a person’s current health check status, i.e. when next health surveillance check is required.  It does not give any medical details.

Temporary Workers Process. The process for assigning a temporary worker to a site has been enhanced so when a worker is assigned to site a job role is also assigned to them as part of the process.

Anonymous Data Report. With the introduction in the last set of CHAT updates of the capability to capture anonymous basic health data about employees, this new report allows a user to view the anonymous data entered to support further analysis.

Link to Mini Guides. A new link has been added (at the top right of the CHAT screen) to give users access to a set of mini guides describing the use of different parts of the CHAT system.


CBH out and about

On 14th May CBH attended the Working Well Together event on “Behavioural Safety”. Our stand was manned by our Operational Manager, Polly Begy.

On 15th May, Polly also gave a talk at the ‘Safer and Healthier Workforce at Any Age’ event, hosted by the Institute of Occupational Medicine. Her talk was entitled “Health and rehabilitation in the Construction Industry”.


CHAT FAQ – managing records of employees who have left


Continuing our series of FAQs on how to use CHAT, we address the following question in this issue:

An employee has left our company - how do I end-date them?

If an employee has left your company go to the CHAT2 homepage:

  • Click Manage Employees
  • Click Find Employee
  • Enter their name, it can just be a surname/family name or first name
  • Click Search

Name(s) appear as a result of the information entered in the search criteria

  • Click on their name
  • Click on the Edit button
  • Click in the free text box to enter a date; you can either, type in the date manually (DD/MM/YYYY) or use the calendar to select the date
  • Click Save

Now when you search for the employee who has left, they will not show up in the list.

However, if an employee has left you will still be able to see their relevant information dated up until they left the company. In order to find their record after they have left:

  • Click Manage Employees
  • Click Find Employee
  • Click Advanced Search
  • Enter the relevant information to find the person
  • Scroll down and click on the empty box next to Include  Previous Employees, so that a tick appears
  • Click Search. Name(s) appear as a result of the information  entered in the search criteria, including employees who have left:

Click on their name so that you can see their archived records.


Legal News – work related health enforcements and prosecutions


In each issue, CBH tries to share key news updates and enforcements relating to occupational health within the construction industry. Here are some items that our readers might find of interest:

HSE sharpens focus on occupational health -

The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) has today launched its occupational health programme for 2014-19, which focuses on embedding the health and wellbeing of people working in the railways into the culture of the industry.

The HSE has launched its work plan for 2014/15.

One of the key inspection priorities will be occupational disease and health prevention.

There will be a Health Inspection Initiative for two weeks during June 2014 there will be 500 inspections nationwide.  The topics for the initiative will be:

  • Manual Handling
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Welfare
  • Health management role of client / designer/ CDM-C (if appropriate)

New members round-up

• Miller Group
• Universal Piling & Construction Ltd
• Galliford Try (TollBar End Project)
• MRL Services (NW) Ltd
• Rorcon Ltd
• Built Offsite Ltd
• Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd
• H S Services Ltd
• Giffen Group Ltd


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