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Constructing Better Health

Is there tax relief for employers investing in occupational health provision?

For the benefit of its members, CBH has sought professional advice to determine the extent of tax relief available regarding OH related expenditure. Thanks to an enlightening article prepared for CBH by Sheen Stickland LLP, tax relief solutions to the following CBH member-specific issues are revealed:

  • Can the CBH annual subscription be offset against tax?
  • Can the cost of delivering Occupational Health for employees be offset against tax?
  • Would this be regarded as a benefit in kind for the employee?

This article provides invaluable information in line with current tax legislation and Budget announcements for 2012, undoubtedly of value to our members over the ensuing tax year.


New Tool Box Talks Presenters

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In response to member feedback, CBH has launched new and improved versions of Tool Box Talks (TBTs). As part of the revamped physical package, the TBT presenters are A4 self standing units with encapsulated pages for durability. They also include presenter notes pages to ensure consistency of delivery and to more readily aid with audience queries.

The updated TBTs that are built into CHAT V2 can now be downloaded in pdf format from the Members’ Area of the CBH website.  This means they become more portable and can be used via laptop, without the need for an internet connection. 

If you want to order the updated TBT presenters, do so directly from the CBH shop at a 30% members’ discount.


More user-friendly version of CHAT

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CBH is rolling out Version 2 of its OH planning tool, CHAT - (Construction Health Action Toolkit). Overall CHAT V2 is easier to navigate, create employee plans and OHSP referrals, compile data and safeguard user control. It now has a tool to deliver OH tool box talks and manage OH at site level. It is more user- friendly, comprising new authority controls and improved access to training modules. Companies can even load their own Tool Box Talks onto the CHAT system now to further enhance in-house training programmes.

CBH are contacting all members to organise change-over training which is being done using the latest remote access technology.


2011-2012 National Skin Cancer Campaign update

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Back in July 2011 CBH, with Polypipe, launched a year-long Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign in partnership with Skcin (The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity). Over the last 10 months, the campaign included two fundraising events: a charity golf day in September, and a charity comedy night in February this year.  There was also a series of road shows including mole-checks to raise awareness of skin cancer at construction companies nationwide. These resulted in a significant occurrence of GP referrals to medically investigate suspicious skin conditions and melanoma – an excellent campaign result.

While the campaign may be drawing to a close, the need for continued awareness of Skin cancer threats in the construction industry remains. Therefore to keep the momentum going, CBH is offering their Skin Cancer booklet at a considerably reduced price. You can also download free of charge the informative Skin Cancer poster to hang at your site office from the CBH website. It might just save someone’s life!


Do you know how often to carry out Safety Critical Checks?

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Contractors have been contacting CBH to discuss what services are absolutely necessary in terms of occupational health provision and what is ‘nice to have’.  Some feel that their Occupational Health Service Provider can provide more (in some cases) and less in others. CBH has produced The Industry Standards (2) which is available to both Contractors and Occupational Health Service Providers as a reference guide.  By signing up to CBH, all have agreed to work to the Standards as published in the document; these are evidence based procedures and supported by Industry, legislation and the Health and Safety Executive. 

One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘How often should we do a safety critical health check?’  Do you know the answer?  Go to page 43 of the Industry Standards for the table of health checks and when you should be doing them. (Or, for a faster answer, see image above.)


CBH provides free downloadable contract specification clauses for members

CBH has created guidance documents providing clauses that may be written into project contracts for CBH Contractor and Client members.

The documents include questions to be added in your PQQs’ Health and Safety section and relevant contract clauses for contractors/subcontractors with or without supply chain. We hope our members find these useful.

Both of these documents are provided as free downloads from the Contractor and Client  areas on the CBH website.


CBH Website complies with latest EU law on 'Cookies'

Recent visitors to the CBH website will have noticed a new ‘Cookie Control’ pop- up which appears on screen to greet them. Far from being a meaningless cyber intrusion, this pop up indicates that CBH is complying with the latest EU laws introduced on the 26th May 2012 relating to Electronic Communications and Privacy.
Changes to the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 state that the use of cookies on your website is subject to new rules:
Each site visitor "is provided with clear and comprehensive information about the purposes of the storage of, or access to, that information and is given the opportunity to refuse the storage of or access to that information".

Just to recap, cookies are little pieces of information sent to your computer every time you visit our website. It is more than likely that nearly all the websites you visit uses cookies.  Cookies allow the website to remember important information that make your visit to the site more useful.  Turning cookies off, may deny you access to some features that make your experience on that website more efficient and some of the services may not function properly.

Therefore to be EU compliant, CBH is notifying our website visitors that we use cookies, explain how they enhance your experience on our website and afford you the option to switch your Cookie Controls off should you so wish.