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Constructing Better Health


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A reminder for our contractor members - consent of CBH members’ employees


This is a reminder for our contractor members about work-related health data and your employees’ consent to have it uploaded onto the CBH database.

Please note that the onus is on all employers to obtain written consent from their employees, for personal information, including ‘Health and Fitness Outcomes’, to be uploaded onto the CBH CHAT v2 (or equivalent) system. 

CBH may, in future, seek assurance from Contractor members that these consents have been sought and provided by employees.

Please ensure that you share this information with your employees and relevant staff members who manage your occupational health processes.


CBH welcomes Caroline Harding as our new Occupational Health Manager


Caroline is joining us to provide support, training and guidance on Occupational Health matters -  not only for the CBH team but for our member contractors and construction workers.

An experienced occupational health nurse and advisor, Caroline is well versed to guide on the practical application of the Industry Standards. She will be an asset to the CBH team so we can meet our primary objective of improving work-related health in the construction industry. Welcome to the team Caroline!


CHAT FAQs - Health Assessment Matrix and job roles within CHAT v2

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Following our series of FAQs and top tips for using CHAT v2, please find our latest tip below on how to use the Health Assessment Matrix.

The Health Assessment Matrix is a crucial element of evaluating individual Occupational Health action plans for your workers. You simply need to find the relevant job role for your worker and match these to the colour coded health checks:

• red means that this is mandatory CBH health check,
• orange with a ‘C’ in the box means this is a safety critical health check,
• orange means this is a best practise health check
• green means that this is a good business practise health check.

You can access the CBH Health Assessment Matrix either through our website or by logging onto CHAT v2 and looking in ‘My Company’.

Whilst CBH has covered every job role within the construction sector, you might want to make the most of CHAT v2 and rename the job roles to better suit your individual organisation. 

For example: we’ve called Asbestos Workers ‘Asbestos Licensed Workers’ but you may call them ‘Asbestos Waste Technicians’ within your company. Click ‘Manage Job Roles’ within ‘My Company’ to set up a company-friendly job role title that you prefer.

You can also add extra health checks when creating a new job title. You can’t remove any relevant health checks nor can you downgrade them, but you can add other health checks that might form a mandatory part of your company’s health and safety policy – e.g. Drug and Alcohol screening or a General Health and Lifestyle might be mandatory within your organisation for all your employees.

If you have any questions about this or anything else relating to CHAT v2, let us know either by emailing or by calling us on 0345 873 7726.


Members’ news - E-certificate being issued

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Please note that the hard copy CBH certificates are being phased out and being replaced with an electronic document for all categories of membership.


Resources and developments in occupational health

Work-related hearing loss.

A systematic review published in the International Archives of Occupational & Environmental Health, finds that up to one-fifth of hearing loss among workers is caused by occupational noise exposure. Occupational hearing loss is greatest in those working in shipbuilding, construction, the military and farming, with risk primarily related to the degree of noise exposure and whether or not hearing protection is used.  With increasing age, more men than women are losing their hearing. Find out more:


HSE course - management of Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS) in the work place, 14th March

This course will review the risks from hand-arm vibration exposure and introduce you to the requirements of the current regulations.


Legal news – work related health enforcements and prosecutions


In every issue of the newsletter we report on legal news and enforcements in the construction industry. Here are a few news items that may be of interest to our readers:

Thousands of unsafe CSCS cards revoked

Construction Chiefs attended health summit in January 2016 and committed to improving health standards and to replicate the cultural shift seen in the industry which led to reduction in on-site injuries and deaths.

Major company disturbs asbestos in client’s plantroom



New members round-up

Field Systems Designs Ltd
SPL Installations Ltd
Toureen Contractors Ltd
Stephenson Group
Euro Diamond Drilling Ltd
Nova Construction Cornwall Ltd
Steelway Fensecure Ltd
McDermott Building and Civil Engineering Ltd
Sarens UK Ltd
On-Site (London) Ltd
Southern Demolition Co. Ltd
Design Rationale Ltd
BMSL Group
AEG Power Solutions Ltd
D J Swallow Construction Ltd
Fire Protection Ltd
Geotechnical Engineering Ltd
Glasswell & Last Ltd
KKB Remediation Ltd
Knight Asphalte Co Ltd
Lee Marley Brickwork Ltd
Playfords Ltd
Reavey and Son LLP
Richard Hewson Interior Contracts Ltd
ROC Electrical Ltd
Steel and Site Ltd
Welwood Special Projects Ltd
West and West Ltd


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