Constructing Better Health

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Constructing Better Health

Improving occupational health in construction

B&CE's research findings for what the industry needs

After B&CE acquired Constructing Better Health (CBH), we set about getting to grips with the problems of occupational health in the industry. And how it can be consistently managed to improve the work-place health of construction workers.

In order to understand how to get an occupational health scheme right for the industry, we asked employers to complete our survey. The response was great, and has given us some real insight into the issues of occupational health management in construction.  So thanks for your feedback!

To provide a greater insight we also held forums and in-depth interviews with larger contractors and industry representatives, as well as met with Occupational Health Service Providers.

Download our short research report – for an analysis of our findings and conclusions >>

The results told us:

  • At the heart of the problem is a lack of understanding and clarity within the industry. The majority of the construction industry doesn’t understand occupational health and occupational health providers don’t understand what the construction industry needs. 
  • This lack of understanding has highlighted inconsistencies and a lack of co-ordination in the approach to occupational health management.
  • Inconsistencies has led to costly inefficiencies – repeat medicals and time and administration to manage.
  • This all means poor outcomes with a non-transferrable system and the industry unable to have effective long-term oversight of workers’ health.

We've concluded that any new health solution should:

  • Outline the minimum standard requirements employers need to comply
  • Provide a minimum standard across the industry, based on risks rather than job roles – health surveillance to monitor the health of employees exposed to specific health risks
  • Manage additional risks and raises awareness through education, support, guidance and best practice
  • Contain an employee owned, portable health record containing ‘need to know’ information
  • Allow for the minimum standard model to evolve to include enhanced occupational health and wellbeing offerings

What next?

We’re going back to the industry to discuss a long-term solution for employers and their workers.

Meanwhile we’ve made some improvements to the CBH operational system – making administration easier for CBH employer members.

Keep an eye out for the next update from us!


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