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Constructing Better Health

Why look at Constructing Better Health for occupational health management?

One of the key benefits of membership of CBH is access to our Construction Health Action Tool (CHAT)

Available to our members, CHAT is a company management system for work related health and well-being allowing company and site specific occupational health action plans to be produced for each worker dependant on the hazard exposure, linking to a series of on line toolbox talks it demonstrates your compliance with current UK legislation.

This information can be accessed out on site, via the web and a secure login, but there is NO confidential medical data held on this system.

At the core of the system is the health assessment matrix, developed in conjunction with industry and key stakeholders.  This identifies the job roles and uses a traffic light system to identify the key health check requirements.

Each worker is given a CBH unique reference number (URN) so  their Fit for Task and OH information travels with them, which hopefully means less repetition of checks when changing jobs/projects. A worker’s competence card scheme number can also be used instead of the CBH URN to search for information when using CHAT, meaning this is a truely flexible scheme - CBH can link to any card scheme, thereby reducing the need for multiple cards to be carried.


What Should You be Doing?

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CBH are often asked the question - "What should I be doing as an employer?"  We have tried to show this in an easy to read diagram, though more detailed information can be found in the Industry Standards.  



Ask Fred!!

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During early 2012 CBH are to launch an 'Ask Fred' interactive knowledge base which will help with more detailed questions with regard to managing workplace health.  In the meantime guidance documents can be found on the CBH website, or give us a call on the help line 0845 873 7726