Health Topics - Hand Arm Vibration Resources


  • L140: Hand-arm vibration: The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 ISBN 071766125 3
  • Human Response to Vibration ISBN 0415282403
  • Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome ISBN 0101609825
  • Whole-body vibration Evaluation of some common sources of exposure in Great Britain ISBN 0717624811
  • Improving health and safety in construction phase 2 - depth and breadth Vol. 4 Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome - Underlying causes and risk control in the construction industry ISBN 0717622193
  • Control the risks from hand arm vibration - advice for employers IND(G)175(rev2)
  • Vibration solutions Practical ways to reduce the risk of hand-arm vibration injury ISBN 0717609545
  • Control back-pain risks from whole-body vibration IND(G)242(rev1)
  • Whole-body Vibration (L141), ISBN 0-7176-6126-1, price £10.95

All the above are available from HSE Books, Tel: 01787 881165

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