You, Your Company and Constructing Better Health

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To show commitment to keeping you healthy your company has decided to join CBH, a national not-for profit organisation whose aim is to improve the health of the construction industry workforce.  Your company care about your health and, as well as it being your responsibility, they are also responsible for maintaining your health at work.  Your company wants to make sure that something that you do or come into contact with at work does not affect your health.  This is done by having different health checks depending on your job eg checking your eyesight, breathing, hearing or looking for signs of skin problems or looking for early signs of hand arm vibration. 

Occupational Health (OH) is the affect of work on an individual’s health and the health of an individual on their work.  So by having these regular health checks OH can help prevent future health issues or pick up early signs of a problem.  If you already have a health problem OH could help you continue working and prevent the condition from getting worse. 

As a member of the scheme you will get a CBH card.  There is NO information stored on the card, it is a record of your unique number which allows access to information regarding which health checks you have had and jobs you can do.  By having access to this information as you move around sites and companies, it’ll save you from having repeat health checks if they are in date.  Your health record can include:

  • Personal Details – Name and CBH Number
  • Health Check Details – the date of any health checks and when you need to go back for a repeat health check, your fitness results, including any recommendations, so that you can carry on working without putting your health at risk.

The information shared with your Managers or other Contractors DOES NOT include any confidential medical information, so you don’t need to worry that your company will see this information.  Remember though that you should tell your Manager, Supervisor or Employer if you develop any health condition that may affect your safety at work, also you may be asked questions to find out further information after your checks.

The benefits of OH to you are you can continue to support yourself, your family, by preventing or finding health problems and help you to manage existing ones!!  It also means that you wouldn’t be putting yourself, or your workmates, in danger because your health may be affecting your ability to carry out your job.

98% of the work related deaths in 2009/2010 were caused by ill health and not accidents (HSE statistics) so DOING NOTHING about OH is a threat to your life

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