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Exercise and wellbeing – Introduction

Physical fitness is a significant asset to a construction worker.  Whether it’s manual work, operating machinery or carrying out safety critical tasks, being fit reduces the risk of your body failing you in a very dangerous situation on site. This can cause harm to yourself and even others.

Doing exercise leads to a healthy weight, a healthier heart, safer blood pressure, better lung capacity and less stress on your bones and muscles.  Most importantly physical fitness reduces the chances of heart attacks or strokes.

Read more to find out about the benefits of physical fitness to avoid serious illness. Beat the bulge

Back Pain and Knees - Introduction

Construction workers often put their muscles and bones under considerable strain during the course of their work.  It is easier to shrug off physical aches and pain as just another part of the job, until they become serious and even prevent you from working.

Pain in the back, knees, shoulders or neck should be monitored and dealt with before they become too severe.  It is important not to neglect any such pains, and working together with your employer identify which activities you undertake are, or may be hazardous to your physical health.

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Men’s Health - Introduction

The construction industry workforce is still male dominated. Men may not have the time or inclination to address their health issues, whether they are work related or not.  However figures show that male construction workers are still subject to a high occurrence of ill-health, sometimes life threatening. This is preventable. There are many ways that you can monitor your well-being, without taking much time or effort.  In the end, the benefits affect your life on the long term.

Read more to find out how you can get more information about maintaining good health, easy or even private ways to find good advice, and why you should take your health more seriously. Mens Health

Skin Cancer - Introduction

Skin cancer is on the rise in the construction industry.  So often, workers have to do many of their site tasks out in the sun, often without adequate clothing, skin protection and increasing the risk of skin damage.  This can result in fatal consequences if not addressed properly.

Whether you are at work or play, you do not have to be out in the sun for a long time for significant skin damage to occur. It can be a matter of minutes. Everyone is different and the risk of damage also increases depending on your own skin complexion, family medical history and what protective measures you take.

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Staying well as we age - Introduction

Getting older is unavoidable, but it does not mean having a poorer quality of physical wellbeing.  Staying fit and healthy as you age enhances your personal and working life.  It means keeping your mind and body healthy, recognising the potential physical problems that you might face as you get older and addressing them quickly.

Whether it means sleeping well, having good diet, or stopping smoking, there are many ways that you can keep yourself healthy and happy. These are all important factors to help create a satisfactory working life. 

Read more to find out about physical fitness, healthy diet, mental wellbeing and easy ways to get help in achieving them. Staying well as we age

Weight - Introduction

Being overweight can have significant consequences of ill-health; for construction workers it can affect performance while on the job, increases cholesterol, heart health, and increases risks of strokes and diabetes amongst other symptoms.

For a construction worker, weight can be a matter of life or death. Maintaining a healthy weight helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks. For safety critical workers, or those operating machinery, a heart attack while working is potentially fatal not only to you, but the knock-on effects may harm others on site as well.

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Cholesterol - Introduction

Having a healthy diet is one of the key ways to achieve and maintain physical wellbeing. While the body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to function, too much of it is potentially fatal.  It clogs the veins and arteries and prevents healthy function of the heart, leading to strokes and heart attacks.

Having a high cholesterol level is mainly due to poor diet, but it can also be hereditary.  This is why it is so important to monitor your levels, and if they are too high, get help in managing them through diet and exercise before you become seriously ill.

Read more to find out about how cholesterol works in the body, how to maintain healthy levels and get help in doing so. Cholesterol

Quitting smoking – Introduction

It may seem like an unreachable goal to many smokers, but giving up smoking is possible.  More important are the life changing benefits that result when you quit the habit. Not only do you lengthen your life expectancy when you stop, but your body functions more efficiently. Say goodbye to smoker’s coughs, wheezing and even premature ageing. Enjoy better physical performance and appearance in all aspects of life.

We all know that smoking is potentially fatal to the health, the most well-known health risk being lung cancer. However, smoking causes a wider range of life threatening illness. These include circulatory problems which at their worst result in amputation, bronchial disease and risk of heart attacks. There is also the risk of throat and mouth cancer.

Read more to find out about how to stop smoking, the reasons why you should, and how to get support when you decide to stop. Quit Smoking

Prostate Cancer – Introduction

Prostate cancer affects a high proportion of men in the U.K. at some point in their lives.  While it may lay dormant for many years, symptoms may start to surface in middle age and older. This is why it is important to recognise what they are and take action as soon as possible to prevent it spreading to other parts of the body. It would be easy to dismiss the symptoms as  fairly trivial, caused by being run-down or resulting from something else less concerning like a bladder infection, however, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Read more to find about how to recognise symptoms of prostate cancer and the importance of regular health checks. Prostate Cancer

Coronary Heart Disease – Introduction

Having a healthy heart has far reaching consequences for physical wellbeing both at work and at play. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) affects more men than it does women.  It is linked to diet, physical fitness, smoking and drinking. It can even be hereditary. For a construction worker making physical demands on the body or undertaking safety critical tasks, the consequences of an unhealthy heart could result in a heart attack.  Having a heart attack while working could also put others in danger on site. The good news is, you can reduce your chances of being negatively affected by CHD by making simple changes to your lifestyle.

Read more to find out about maintaining heart health, recognising the symptoms of CHD and getting help to avoid serious illness. Coronary Heart Disease

Fatigue – Introduction

All too often we take fatigue for granted as a part of every day life. However, it’s no secret that we all feel and perform better when we are well rested. Tiredness on the job can be caused by many factors; some are self-inflicted by keeping late hours, or caused by a physical condition, mental stress and even excessive work hours without adequate breaks. The consequences of being fatigued while working on a construction site are far reaching. It compromises decision making, reaction and reflex, even memory and moods.   These factors may cause safety errors resulting in harm to oneself and possibly others.
Read below for more information about how to spot the signs of fatigue, managing your work and rest time properly and where to get help in doing so.  Fatigue

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