Information for Construction Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my CBH membership card do?

Your CBH membership card displays a unique reference number (URN), this is to identify your own records, it is your own personal CBH number.

What will happen to my information?

Health surveillance is about ensuring your health is not being affected by anything hazardous to your health and that the measures taken by your employer are adequate to control the risk. The Occupational Health (OH) records produced as a result of this will be retained by the Occupational Health Service Provider (OHSP) but, with your consent, your information will also be uploaded into the CBH database. Your employer will be given confirmation you attended the health check, the type of check and any recommendations made to further protect your health. Your employer will NOT be given any medical information. In order to ensure employee engagement, an Employer must obtain written consent from their employee for personal information, including   ‘Health and Fitness Outcomes’  to be uploaded onto the CBH CHAT 2 ( or equivalent) system.  Where required,  CBH may seek assurance from the Contractor Members that such Consents have been sought and provided.

Can my Employer access the database?

Your employer cannot access the medical part of the database, but what they will see, via a secure log in, is the outcome of your health check, a bit like an electronic version of a fitness certificate the OHSP would provide to your Manager following your health check. This means that your manager, regardless of which site you are working on can ensure you are not exposed to anything that will affect your health, by putting in the correct preventative measures. Your employer has a legal duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act to provide you with a healthy and safe place to work.

Can a site manager / Principal Contractor (PC) check my fitness for task?

If you are directly employed by the PC they will have access to view the outcomes as above, if you are sub-contracted to work on a site where your employer is not the PC, then only a basic fitness for task check can be done by accessing a secure area on the CBH website, allowing the PC to confirm that your employer is managing your work related health.

What do I do with my CBH / CSCS smartcard card?

You should present your card on site when requested to do so, this will allow the site manager / your employer to do a fitness for task check. They can also access the information through your CSCS smartcard; if you do not have one of these cards then you will need to produce your CBH card.

What information will he need?

If you are presenting a CBH card, additional information will be required for security reasons, including your URN, your name, date of birth, address, NI number and / or CSCS number.

Can the site manager see any medical information?

No, he will not see any medical information. If you are on site to undertake safety critical tasks, i.e. as a mobile plant operator, if you’re working in confined spaces, or at height where there are no protective measures in place, high speed road work or trackside, then they will also see any additional protective measures recommended by the OHSP to protect your own health and safety and that of others.

What if a new Employer changes his mind about offering me a job once he has seen extra protective measures are required?

If you change jobs, your new employer will not have access to the full fitness for task check data until 10 days after they have added your new employer details on the database. They will however be able to see if you have had a health check for safety critical work. If there are any recommendations, then your new employer should make reasonable adjustments wherever possible to accommodate any additional protective measures. This is particularly relevant if you are classed as having a disability. In some cases it may not be ‘reasonably practicable’ i.e. not really possible, for your employer to make the required changes, for example if because of a certain health problem you are barred from driving, for instance, you wouldn’t be able to be employed to operate mobile plant.

If though you believe you have been discriminated against you should speak to your Trade Union, or contact CBH for guidance. Alternatively contact ACAS or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

What if I don’t want to be on the CBH database?

This is not a problem; write to CBH and tell them that you wish to be removed from the database. You will need to provide proof of identity. Alternatively telephone the advice line for further information. It would be advisable to also inform your employer of your decision.

What if my health changes?

Inform your employer or your OHSP. Alternatively call the CBH advice line for further guidance.

What should I do if I lose my card?

Keep the accompanying letter in a safe place so you will have your URN, and contact CBH immediately. A replacement card is available; however there may be a small charge for this.

What should I do if I find someone else’s card?

If you find a card and don’t know who it belongs to, please return it to CBH.

I have some other concerns what should I do?

Discuss them with your employer in the first instance, if however you would prefer to speak in confidence to a qualified occupational health adviser at CBH, please call the CBH advice line.

What happens when my next health check is due?

Your employer should arrange for it to be repeated at the appropriate time. Please contact CBH if you have any further questions.

Can I see a copy of the medical information held on me, by the occupational health service provider and / or on the database?

Yes you can, by requesting it in writing, with proof of identity to CBH or the occupational health service provider. There may be fee for this, please call CBH if you require further advice.