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Health and Safety Executive

For comprehensive advice and information on all areas of health and safety at work.

Construction Skills Certificate Scheme

CSCSCSCS was set up to help the construction industry to improve quality and reduce accidents. CSCS cards are increasingly demanded as proof of occupational competence by contractors, public and private clients and others. They cover hundreds of occupations so whatever you do in construction there will be a card that is suitable for you.

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

IOSH is Europe's leading body for health and safety professionals. It has over 30,000 members worldwide, including more than 10,000 Chartered Safety and Health Practitioners.

Faculty of Occupational Medicine

The body which sets standards and certifies Occupational Medicine training in UK.

Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association

COHPA was established to address the many issues facing the OH industry. As a not for profit organisation, COHPA aims to promote the benefits of OH and offers free independent advice on OH and health at work.

British Occupational Hygiene Society

BOHS's aim is to help to reduce work-related ill-health by promoting public and professional awareness, good practice and standards, and by researching and advancing education in the science of occupational health and hygiene.

Construction Health and Safety Group

The Construction Health and Safety Group is a charity founded over 50 years ago, based in Chertsey, Surrey, which provides construction health and safety training to the industry. It has in excess of 500 members and organises extensive in-house and external training for members and others on construction health and safety matters.

Please apply for further details of membership of our Safety Group or for construction health and safety training by contacting e-mail: or tel: 01932 561871.

Workplace wellbeing tool

The Department for Work and Pensions has produced a free tool to help employers work out the costs of poor employee health to their organisation. 

Find out more at 

BACK-TRACK Europe Ltd       

BACK-TRACK is a small electronic device, worn on a belt that keeps track of your back. It monitors how you pick up objects by tilting forwards as you stoop forwards. Developed with the Health & Safety Laboratories (part of the HSE), BACK-TRACK is considered best practice by many organisations including Coca Cola Enterprises where its use is mandatory in their UK Distribution Centres and Network Rail are using BACK-TRACK at Reading Station redevelopment having recently introduced a BACK-TRACK Competency Programme for sub-contractors. Large logistics carriers are also using BACK-TRACK within their sortation hubs.

There are a number of BACK-TRACK Pro products used to promote the prevention of injury (Pro, Pro-Intro and Pro-MH). BACK-TRACK is also available as a rehabilitation product, BACK-TRACK Back-To-Work used to enhance the rehabilitation process of a number of health conditions. The Back-To-Work version includes Activity Detection to remind those suffering with injuries to maintain their mobility and hasten the rehabilitation process.

For more information, visit

SureScreen Diagnostics Ltd 

SureScreen Diagnostics is a leading provider of Drug and Alcohol testing products in the UK and the EU. By utilising SureScreen products, we aim to help all constructions sites throughout the UK significantly decrease current spend on Drug and Alcohol testing services, and offer efficient, time-saving systems for recording and reporting of results. With products and services that are used an approved by the NHS, Ministry of Justice and Police Forces throughout the UK, you are assured of a high-quality, high-accuracy product range being made available to you.

Construction health risks

Managing construction health risks

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Construction health risks: Health surveillance

Management of occupational health services

Health surveillance

Finding an OH provider

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