Frequently Asked Questions

What is Constructing Better Health (CBH)?

Constructing Better Health (CBH) is a not-for-profit scheme dedicated to improving the standard of occupational health management in the construction industry.

We work with the industry to help develop more efficient and user-friendly work-related health management in construction.

What do we do?

Our scheme is holistic with the aim of bringing together construction companies and occupational health service providers (OHSPs).

We work with you as a contractor to help you understand the impacts of occupational health, and how it affects the needs of your workforce.

How does the scheme work?

On joining you’ll be given access to our system called CHAT (Construction Health Action Toolkit). This is where you upload your workers’ details. It creates an individual health assessment plan for each worker, based on their job role and the hazards that they will be facing on the site they are working on. This will tell you exactly who needs which health checks to arrange with an accredited OHSP.

Don’t worry, the system is easy to use and full training is given as part of your membership.

Once the worker(s) have had their health checks, a card will be issued for each worker to identify them as part of the scheme.

What are the costs involved in joining?

You can find the annual membership fees below:

Membership fees
Annual Turnover   Annual charge (exc. VAT)
 < £5m  £250
 £5m - £25m  £750
 > £25m  £2,000
 Self-employed/Independent*  £25

*Charge per Independent Membership

Does the cost of contractor membership include the cost of health checks?

No, membership does not include the costs of health checks. You will need to agree these separate costs with the CBH accredited Occupational Health Service Provider (OHSP) of your choosing.

There are a number of variables that may affect the costs of these including: the type of health checks that workers require, such as whether these health checks are carried out on site or at a clinic, and the number of workers having health checks. Prices should be agreed before any health assessments are carried out, to avoid any confusion.

However, tax relief may be available for construction employers that offer employees occupational health and more information about this can be found here.

How do I join?

You can find copies of all our application forms here.

If you are a contractor or looking for Independent Membership, you'll need to complete the Contractor and Independent membership form.

If you are self-employed or a sole trader working within the construction sector then you'll need to complete the Self-employed membership form.

If you are already an existing contractor member, we will contact you prior to your expiry date, giving you plenty of time to renew your membership with us.

What proof will I have that I am a member?

As a contractor or self-employed member, you will receive a certificate to confirm membership, as well as being given access to our online system CHAT where you can upload and administer your workers’ details. When your workers are uploaded to CHAT and they have had their health checks, they will receive a CBH card to take with them on site.

You’ll also have access to the contractor members’ area of our website, which includes some useful resources to help understand and manage the occupational health of your workers. 
If you have joined under an Independent Membership, you will not receive a certificate. However once your workers have had their health checks, they will receive individual employee numbers and cards as proof of membership.