CHAT question: My OH Provider says they can’t see my employees to upload their health checks but I know they are in CHAT2. This is something that comes up quite regularly. 

An explanation on how to get help on actually using CHAT:

You can go into the Contractor’s Members Area on the CBH website and find User Guides along with other useful information.  Go to the CBH homepage:

• Click on the Contractor 'Info & Login' button on the right hand side of the screen
• Click on Members Area
• Type in your CHAT2 username and password
• Click on the login button. NB – you must click on the login button as it doesn’t work by pressing the return button on your keyboard

Other information can be found in the members’ area which also includes:

• A copy of the CBH logo that you can use
• A downloadable/printable version of the health assessment matrix and industry standards
• Toolbox talks on key occupational health hazards and their notes pages

When in CHAT2 and you want some help, click on the green tab on the right hand side of the screen that says ‘page help’.  Click on the tab and the help panel will appear with information to help you on that page. To make the panel disappear when you have finished with the information, click on the ‘page help’ tab again.

We hope that this has been helpful to our CHAT users.

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