JIB Membership Scheme with CBH

Welcome to Constructing Better Health (CBH), a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to helping the construction industry achieve a fit and healthy workforce.
Membership of CBH is incorporated for JIB member companies as part of the JIB benefit credit. 
Benefits of membership include:
Access to impartial advice about work-related issues via our free Helpline on: 01293 586786
For employers:
 • Online access to our user-friendly occupational health risk management tool, CHAT, with free training on how to use it
 • Access to our list of accredited Occupational Health Service Providers (OHSPs)  – fees for these services can be negotiated separately
For workers:
  Occupational health checks that are designed for your specific job role, to help you avoid work-related health problems
 • Access to useful information about work-related health problems including: hand arm vibration, noise at work, skin problems, respiratory problems and stress
 • If you join CBH scheme, you will no longer have to repeat Fitness for Work health assessments; they’re all stored in one place for your new employer to access













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