About Constructing Better Health (CBH)

Following national research and a pilot study in 2001, CBH was started after a need was identified to radically improve the health of the UK’s construction industry workforce. For too long the ‘health’ in construction health and safety had been undermined in our industry and workers’ health was suffering as a result.

Now, our vision for health in construction is to be the leading body in serving the best interests of work-related health in our industry. We seek to improve occupational health in construction in the following ways:

  • CBH is a not-for-profit organisation, owned by B&CE, another not-for-profit company which has been providing employee benefits to the construction industry for over 70 years.
  • We provide information, education and guidance primarily for the good of the industry’s workforce.
  • Our support and resources are available to construction clients, contractors and self-employed persons who join our scheme.
  • We have set a nationally recognised standard for occupational health management in construction.
  • Employers can use our centralised work-related health database to securely help manage their employees’ occupational health.
  • Wherever possible we will raise the bar on work-related health issues on a par with the support that site safety issues receive. In this way we strive to ensure that ‘health’ and ‘safety’ carry equal recognition within the industry.
  • We offer Occupational Health Service Providers (OHSPs) accredited membership. Our OHSP members are subject to rigorous accreditation standards resulting in the highest level professional qualification, experience and competence for any clients that engage their services.
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