Information for CBH Affiliates

CBH has fully launched their national scheme that offers clients and contractors a robust solution that meets the duty of care for employees, but also that demanded by the Construction (Design Management) Regulations (CDM).  Working with an industry that employs 2.2 million workers through 226,000 companies of which 80% employ 5 or less, the importance of strategic partnerships becomes paramount. For CBH this means inviting relevant organisations and associations to get involved with us, learn what CBH provides, have access to our expertise and contributing by raising awareness through your organisational channels and networks.

CBH Affiliate Member Guide

The CBH Affiliate Member scheme is open to trade associations, training and education bodies, independent health and safety consultants or health and safety organisations. We also invite building material producers with their own training centres to join, and who champion occupational health issues.

Become an Affiliate Member

To join CBH as an affiliate member download and complete our application form.