Welcome to Constructing Better Health

CBH is a not-for-profit membership scheme dedicated to help the Construction Industry achieve a fit and healthy workforce

We show you an easier and better way to control your work-related health management, with our resources and expertise, reduce absenteeism, skills drain, wasted time and money

A healthy workforce is a happier and more productive one

Benefits of CBH

  • Members have access to our user- friendly, online occupational health risk management tool  - Construction Health Action Toolkit (CHAT).  You get free online training on how to use it effectively.
  • Our members receive free professional and impartial services to help manage their work- related health issues.
  • We have a free, dedicated and impartial National Advice Line for all construction industry employers who need guidance on work-related health issues.
  • All our members have site level access to fitness certificates demonstrating supply chain management of health risks. 
  • CHAT also gives site access to toolbox talks and the option to produce company and site action plans for H&S reporting.
  • New employees already in the CBH scheme undertaking the same job role will not require a new Fitness for Work assessment as their checks carry over until they need their next scheduled surveillance.
  • Access to occupational health industry standards to guide employers.
  • Employees’ work-related health information travels with them throughout their working life.
  • We manage the UK’s only national, centralised database of clinical data used for work related health management in construction. All work-related health data is confidential and data protected.
  • Putting in place a work related risk management system saves money by avoiding unnecessary health checks, absenteeism and litigation.
  • Improving your organisation’s work related health management with CBH enhances your reputation to peers and clients.
  • We don’t provide occupational health services, but do provide an accreditation service for competent in-house or external OH service providers.

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Online Training for CHAT2 Users

Let's talk about CHAT CHAT

CBH offers easy and convenient online training to users of CHAT (Construction Health Action Toolkit). In a few easy steps, whether it’s a one to one training session, or if your users are based in different locations, you can learn to use CBH’s popular health risk management tool.

During the session you will be shown , step by step, the CHAT2 user process and how to enter your company’s relevant data so that CHAT2 can work for you, and make managing Occupational Health for your company easy.

The whole training process is so simple, it can take less than one hour.

Call to book now on 0345 873 7726

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